Make New Mexico Blue Again

Ronald J Fitzherbert
US Congress
New Mexico CD 2

About Me

My background

I currently reside in Las Cruces, New Mexico with my wife and two daughters.   Other than a brief stint in Picacho, Arizona in 2007 I have lived in New Mexico since 2004  and considering both of my daughters were born here I now consider New Mexico Home.  Originally from California I grew up in Rhode Island which I left in 1989 and made my way out west via New York City, Washington, DC and Austin, TX.

I've worked both blue and white-collar jobs; I've worked for nonprofits and high-flying start-ups.  I've been a success and a failure.  I am first an individual with my own hopes and dreams.  I really would like to think I can also understand your hopes and dreams.

My top issues

Beyond making sure that the residents of Congressional District 2 here in New Mexico are fairly represented I am very concerned about the future, not just of our state or country, but of the world.  Climate change is real and it doesn't matter if it is human caused or not, +2C is not going to be good for anyone.  We need to take a stand now and insure that there is a world left for our children.

My number one priority is to listen to the residents of CD2 and make sure that I represent those who live here, regardless of who they voted for, or even if they voted at all.

Fair and equitable health care, sensible and compassionate immigration, responsible spending and being a good neighbor are all priorities that I truly hope we can all agree on.  I'm also sure we can agree that at times we will disagree, but as long as we can maintain a rational and reasonable dialogue I'm sure we can get along at some level.

My involvement

I am very involved in the local community in Las Cruces and Dona Ana County where I have and do serve on the boards of local non-profits, I volunteer with the local Red Cross and the Medical Reserve Corps and have been involved with the local community schools initiative as well as the healthy foods financing initiative.

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